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NanoIR2s-FS platform

Contact : Alexandre Dazzi et Ariane Deniset

Location : Synchrotron SOLEIL, ligne SMIS, St Aubin

nanoIR2s-FS platform

The nanoIR2s is designed with top-down laser illumination. This approach simplifies sample preparation and allows the use of many transparent substrates in the infrared regime, (Si, Au, diamond, CaF2, Si3N4,etc…).

Top down illumination
Two options :

1. QCL source, 1960-1350 cm-1 : resonant enhanced mode. Smallest object : 5-10 nm. Spectral resolution < 1 cm-1.

2. Broadband sources : synchrotron source (or continuum fiber laser) entire mid-IR range.

3.Hyperspectral measurements (COMING SOON).

Main advantages :
- Tapping mode IR available
- Ideal for NPs/ Protein aggregates / thin layer (less than 20nm) or very thick sample unable to section
- Fast spectra mode : 15sec per spectra/Option to perform hyperspectral imaging.