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Séminaire LCP Nicolas DEMAUREX - vendredi 2 février 2018 à 14h

Séminaire LCP Nicolas DEMAUREX - vendredi 2 février 2018 à 14h


Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, University of Geneva,
Geneva 1211, Switzerland

Vendredi 2 février à 14h (salle Magat) :

“Role of STIM1 in phagocytic white blood cells”

Phagocytic white blood cells fulfil numerous roles from killing foreign microorganisms to orchestrating a specific, adaptive immune response. Cellular signaling mechanisms including the level of free intracellular calcium control the multiple functions of these cells. The process of store-operated Ca2+-entry (SOCE) is critical to cellular calcium homeostasis in these phagocytic cells. The laboratory of N. Demaurex employs quantitative light microscopy, electron microscopy and electrophysiology in combination with genetically modified cells and organisms to investigate the regulation of phagocytosis. They have contributed to understanding the mechanism of SOCE, the interplay between the phagosome, the endoplasmic reticulum, the plasma membrane and mitochondria as well as the importance of SOCE for cell function.

Selected references :
"STIM1 promotes migration, phagosomal maturation and antigen cross-presentation in dendritic cells." Nunes-Hasler P et al., Nat Commun. 2017
"The role of STIM and ORAI proteins in phagocytic immune cells." Demaurex N, Nunes P, Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2016
"STIM1L traps and gates Orai1 channels without remodeling the cortical ER." Saüc S et al., J Cell Sci. 2015


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