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Infra‐Red Assisted Synthesis of Prebiotic Glycine

Infra‐Red Assisted Synthesis of Prebiotic Glycine

D. Scuderi, J. Lemaire et leurs collaborateurs ont publié récemment un article dans ChemPhysChem
"Infra‐Red Assisted Synthesis of Prebiotic Glycine"

A novel approach has been developed to synthesize complex organic molecules (COMs) relevant to prebiotic chemistry, using Infra‐Red (IR) radiation to trigger the reaction. A laboratory reactor working at low gas density and using IR irradiation was developed to give a hint on what pathways could happen in space conditions. In this way, glycine, the simplest brick of life, has been synthesized by assisting ion‐molecule reaction with IR laser. Ion‐molecule complex constituted by acetic acid and hydroxylamine was formed in a mass spectrometer reactor and then irradiated in the IR energy range. As photoproducts, we obtained both glycine structure and some of its isomers. Anharmonic vibrational frequency calculations and fragmentation dynamics simulations allow for a better interpretation of the experimental data. This novel approach can be now extended to study other new synthetic pathways responsible for the formation of several COMs observed in space.