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L’image de couverture de ChemPhysChem pour l’article de T. Noblet et C. Humbert

L'image de couverture de ChemPhysChem pour l'article de T. Noblet et C. Humbert

Suite à la publication de l’article "How Quantum Dots Aggregation Enhances Förster Resonant Energy Transfer" par T. Noblet, C. Humbert et leurs collaborateurs. Voici l’image de couverture associée pour le numéro de ChemPhysChem.
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As luminescent quantum dots (QDs) are known to aggregate themselves through their chemical activation by carbodiimide chemistry and their functionalization with biotin molecules, we investigate both effects on the fluorescence properties of CdTe QDs and their impact on Förster Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET) occurring with fluorescent streptavidin molecules (FA). First, the QDs fluorescence spectrum undergoes significant changes during the activation step which are explained thanks to an original analytical model based on QDs intra‐aggregate screening and inter‐QDs FRET. We also highlight the strong influence of biotin in solution on FRET efficiency, and define the experimental conditions maximizing the FRET. Finally, a free‐QD‐based system and an aggregated‐QD‐based system are studied in order to compare their detection threshold. The results show a minimum concentration limit of 80 nM in FA for the former while it is equal to 5 nM for the latter, favouring monitored aggregation in the design of QDs‐based biosensors.