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Publications récentes
Concerted One-​Electron Two-​Proton Transfer Processes in Models Inspired by the Tyr-​His Couple of Photosystem II.
Huynh, Mioy T.; Mora, S. Jimena; Villalba, Matias; Tejeda-Ferrari, Marely E.; Liddell, Paul A.; Cherry, Brian R.; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Machan, Charles W.; Kubiak, Clifford P.; Gust, Devens; Moore, Thomas A.; Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon; Moore, Ana L.
ACS Central Science 3:372−380 (2017)  
Design of porphyrin-​based ligands for the assembly of [d-​block metal:calcium] bimetallic centers.
Koepf, Matthieu; Bergkamp, Jesse J.; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Llansola-Portoles, Manuel J.; Kodis, Gerdenis; Moore, Ana L.; Gust, Devens; Moore, Thomas A.
Dalton Transaction 43:4199−4208 (2017)  
Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Electrochemical Properties of a Family of Tungstoarsenates Containing Just CoII Centers or Both CoII and FeIII Centers.
Ayingone Mezui, Charyle S.; de Oliveira, Pedro; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Marrot, Jerome; Berthet, Patrick; Lebrini, Mounim; Mbomekalle, Israel M.
Inorg. Chem. 56:1999−2012 (2017)  
Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Electro-Catalytic Properties of the Mixed Copper-Iron-Containing Sandwich-Type Polyoxometalates [(FeIIIOH)2CuII2(X2W15O56)2]14- and [(CuIIOH2)2FeIII2(X2W15O56)2]14- (with X = AsV and PV).
Doungmene, F.; Ayingone Mezui, C.S.; de Oliveira, P.; Teillout, A.-L.; Mbomekallé, I.-M.
Current Inorganic Chemistry 7:28−38 (2017)  
Preparation of α1- and α2-​isomers of mono-​Ru-​substituted Dawson-​type phosphotungstates with an aqua ligand and comparison of their redox potentials, catalytic activities, and thermal stabilities with Keggin-​type derivatives.
Nishiki, K.; Umehara, N.; Kadota, Y.; Lopez, X.; Poblet, J. M.; Ayingone Mezui, Ch.; Teillout, A.-L.; Mbomekalle, I.-M.; de Oliveira, P.; Miyamoto, M; Sano, T.; Sadakane, M.
Dalton Trans. 45:3715−3726 (2016)