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Publications récentes
Tetrameric Lanthanide-Substituted Silicotungstate {Ln8Si4W40} Nanoclusters: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Electrochemistry, and Catalytic Application for Oxidation of Thioethers.
Khan, Imran; Das, Vivek; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Mbomekallé, Israël-Martyr; de Oliveira, Pedro; Sahoo, Subash Chandra; Hussain, Firasat
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 11:1071−1081 (2021)  
Understanding polyoxometalates as water oxidation catalysts through iron vs. cobalt reactivity.
Azmani, Khalid; Besora, Maria; Soriano-López, Joaquín; Landolsi, Meriem; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; de Oliveira, Pedro; Mbomekallé, Israël-Martyr; Poblet, Josep M.; Galán-Mascarós, José-Ramón
Chem. Sci. 12:8755−8766 (2021)  
Comparison between Lacunary and Saturated Keggin Polyoxometalates as Steel Corrosion Inhibitors in Chloride Solution: Contribution of the Lacuna in the Inhibition Mechanism.
Wamba Tchio, Odilon Romaric; Pengou, Martin; Baumier, Cédric; Franger, Sylvain; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Mbomekallé, Israël Martyr; de Oliveira, Pedro; Nanseu-Njiki, Charles Péguy; Ngameni, Emmanuel
ChemistrySelect 5:10135−10143 (2020)  
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Electrochemistry and Electro-Catalytic Properties of the Manganese-Containing Polyoxotungstate, [(Mn(H2O)3)2(H2W12O42)]6−.
Teillout, Anne-Lucie; de Oliveira, Pedro; Marrot, Jérôme; Howell, Robertha C.; Vilà, Neus; Walcarius, Alain; Mbomekallé,Israël M.
Inorganics 7 (2):1−19 (2019)  
Concerted One-​Electron Two-​Proton Transfer Processes in Models Inspired by the Tyr-​His Couple of Photosystem II.
Huynh, Mioy T.; Mora, S. Jimena; Villalba, Matias; Tejeda-Ferrari, Marely E.; Liddell, Paul A.; Cherry, Brian R.; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Machan, Charles W.; Kubiak, Clifford P.; Gust, Devens; Moore, Thomas A.; Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon; Moore, Ana L.
ACS Central Science 3:372−380 (2017)