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Publications récentes
Cystinuria and cystinosis are usually related to L-cystine: is this really the case for cystinosis? A physicochemical investigation at micrometre and nanometre scale.
Bazin, Dominique; Rabant, Marion; Mathurin, jérémie; Petay, Margaux; Deniset-Besseau, Ariane; Dazzi, Alexandre;Su,Yangyang ; Hessou,Etienne P;, Tielens, Frederik ;Borondics, Ferenc ; Livrozet,Marine; Boudelicque, Elise ;Haymann, Jean-Philippe ; Letavernier,Emmanuel;Frochot, Vincent ;Daudon,Michel
C.R. Chimie 25:489−502 (2022)  
Multiscale approach to provide a better physicochemical description of women breast microcalcifications .
Petay, Margaux ; Cherfan,Maguy ; Bouderlique,Elise ; Reguer, Solenn ; Mathurin,Jérémie ; Dazzi,Alexandre ; L’Heronde,Maëva ; Daudon,Michel ; Letavernier,Emmanuel ; Deniset-Besseau, Ariane ; Bazin, Dominique
Comptes Rendu Chimie 25:553−576 (2022)  
Anisotropic Time-Resolved Dynamics of Crystal Growth Induced by a Single Laser Pulse Nucleation.
Al Gharib, S.; El Omar, K.; Naja, A.; Deniset-Besseau, A.; Denisov, S. A.; Pernot, P.; Mostafavi, M.; Belloni, J.
Cryst. Growth Des. 21:799–808 (2021)  
Revealing Lipid Body Formation and its Subcellular Reorganization in Oleaginous Microalgae Using Correlative Optical Microscopy and Infrared Nanospectroscopy .
Deniset-Besseau, Ariane; Coat, Rémy; Moutel, Benjamin; Rebois, Rolando; Mathurin, Jérémie; Grizeau, Dominique; Dazzi, Alexandre; Gonçalves, Olivier
Appl. Spectrosc. 75:1538 (2021)  
Compartmentalized Polymeric Nanoparticles Deliver Vancomycin in a pH-Responsive Manner.
Ural, Merve Seray; Menéndez-Miranda, Mario; Salzano, Giuseppina; Mathurin, Jérémie; Aybeke, Ece Neslihan; Deniset-Besseau, Ariane; Dazzi, Alexandre; Porcino, Marianna; Martineau-Corcos, Charlotte ; Gref, Ruxandra
Pharmaceutics 13:1992 (2021)