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Publications récentes
In-depth theoretical understanding of the chemical interaction of aromatic compounds with a gold nanoparticle.
Tandiana, Rika; Sicard-Roselli, Cécile; Van-Oanh, Nguyen-Thi; Steinmann, Stephan; Clavaguera, Carine
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 24:25327 (2022)  
Probing the structural properties of the water solvation shell around gold nanoparticles: a computational study.
Tandiana, Rika; Brun, Emilie; Sicard-Roselli, Cécile; Domin, Dominik; Van-Oanh, Nguyen-Thi; Clavaguéra, Carine
J. Chem. Phys. 154:044706 (2021)  
Oxidative radicals (HO• or N3•) induce several di-tyrosine bridge isomers at the protein scale.
Gatin, A; Billault, I; Duchambon, P; Van der Rest, G; Sicard-Roselli, C
Free Radical Biol. Med. 20:S0891 (2020)  
Hydrogen plasma treated nanodiamonds lead to an overproduction of hydroxyl radicals and solvated electrons in solution under ionizing radiation.
Brun, E; Girard, H A; Arnault, J.C.; Mermoux, M; Sicard-Roselli, C
Carbon 162:510−518 (2020)  
Metallic bismuth nanoparticles: Towards a robust, productive and ultrasound assisted synthesis from batch to flow-continuous chemistry.
Gomez, C; Hallot, G; Pastor, A; Laurent, S; Brun,E; Sicard-Roselli, C, Port,M
Ultrasonics - Sonochemistry 56:167−173 (2019)