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Publications récentes
Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Electrochemical Properties of a Family of Tungstoarsenates Containing Just CoII Centers or Both CoII and FeIII Centers.
Ayingone Mezui, Charyle S.; de Oliveira, Pedro; Teillout, Anne-Lucie; Marrot, Jerome; Berthet, Patrick; Lebrini, Mounim; Mbomekalle, Israel M.
Inorg. Chem. 56:1999−2012 (2017)  
A channeled 3D structure of a new polyoxometalate-based triiron(III) cluster: Synthesis, crystal structure and electrochemical properties.
Dhifallah, Fatma ; Belkhiria, Mohamed Salah ; Leclerc, Nathalie ; Parent, Loic ; Mbomekalle, Israel-Martyr ; Cadot, Emmanuel
POLYHEDRON 130:18−22 (2017)  
Two New Sandwich-Type Manganese {Mn5}-Substituted Polyoxotungstates: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, Electrochemistry, and Magnetic Properties .
Gupta, Rakesh ; Khan, Imran ; Hussain, Firasat ; Bossoh, A. Martin; Mbomekalle, Israel M.; de Oliveira, Pedro; Sadakane, Masahiro; Kato, Chisato; Ichihashi, Katsuya ; Inoue, Katsuya ; Nishihara, Sadafumi
Inorg. Chem. 56:8759−8767 (2017)  
Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Electro-Catalytic Properties of the Mixed Copper-Iron-Containing Sandwich-Type Polyoxometalates [(FeIIIOH)2CuII2(X2W15O56)2]14- and [(CuIIOH2)2FeIII2(X2W15O56)2]14- (with X = AsV and PV).
Doungmene, F.; Ayingone Mezui, C.S.; de Oliveira, P.; Teillout, A.-L.; Mbomekallé, I.-M.
Current Inorganic Chemistry 7:28−38 (2017)  
Synthesis, Structure and Electrochemistry of the Dinickel(II)-Containing 30-Tungsto-4-Phosphate [Ni2Na2(H2O)2(P2W15O56)2]18-.
Bassil, B.S.; Bossoh, A.M.; Ibrahim, M.; Avo Bile, B.; Mougharbel, A.S.; Lin, Z.; de Oliveira, P.; Mbomekalle, I.-M.; Kortz, U.
Current Inorganic Chemistry 7:NA (2017)