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Jacqueline RIDARD

Groupe TheoSim
ContactTél. : +33 (0)1 69 15 54 29
Fax : +33 (0)1 69 15 61 88
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LocalisationBât 349
Travaux et publications

Publications récentes
Mechanistic Investigations of Green mEos4b Reveal a Dynamic Long-Lived Dark State.
De Zitter, Elke; Ridard, Jacqueline; Thédié, Daniel; Adam, Virgile; Lévy, Bernard; Byrdin, Martin; Gotthard, Guillaume; Van Meervelt, Luc; Dedecker, Peter; Demachy, Isabelle; Bourgeois, Dominique
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 142:10978–10988 (2020)  
Chromophore twisting in the excited state of a photoswitchable fluorescent protein captured by time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography.
Coquelle, N.; Lévy, B.; Ridard, J.; Demachy, I.; Weik, M.; et, a l
Nat. Chem. 10:31−37 (2018)  
pi-Stacking interactions in YFP, quantum mechanics and force field evaluations in the S0 and S1 states.
Merabti, K.; Azizi, S.; Ridard, J.; Lévy, B.; Demachy, I.
Chem. Phys. 493:157−165 (2017)  
Structural Evidence for a Two-Regime Photobleaching Mechanism in a Reversibly Switchable Fluorescent Protein.
Duan, C.; Adam, V.; Byrdin, M.; Ridard, J.; Kieffer-Jaquinod, S.; Morlot, C.; Arcizet, D.; Demachy, I.; Bourgeois, D.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135:15841−15850 (2013)  
The single T65S mutation generates brighter cyan fluorescent proteins with increased photostability and pH insensitivity.
Fredj, A.; Pasquier, H.; Demachy, I.; Jonasson, G.; Levy, B.; Derrien, V.; Bousmah, Y.; Manoussaris, G.; Wien, F.; Ridard, J.; Erard, M.; Merola, F.
PLoS One 7:e49149 (2012)