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Groupe CAPRI
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LocalisationBât 350
Salle(s) d'experiences * Salle E7 ­(Optique)
* Salle MICRA

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Publications récentes
Impact of fuel ethanol content on regulated and non-regulated emissions monitored by various analytical techniques over flex-fuel and conversion kit applications.
Fortune, Jean Fritz; Cologon, Perrine; Hayrault, Pascal; Heninger, Michel; Leprovost, Julien; Lemaire, Joel; Anselmi, Patricia; Matrat, Michel
Fuel 334:126669 (2023)  
Infra‐Red Assisted Synthesis of Prebiotic Glycine.
Scuderi, Debora; Perez-Mellor, Ariel; Lemaire, Joel; Indrajith, Suvasthika; Bardaud, Jean-Xavier; Largo, Antonio; Jeanvoine, Yiannick; Spezia, Riccardo
ChemPhysChem 21:503−509 (2020)  
Direct and Real-Time Analysis in a Plasma Reactor Using a Compact FT-ICR MS: Degradation of Acetone in Nitrogen and Byproduct Formation.
Thomas, Sébastien; Blin-Simiand, Nicole; Heninger, Michel; Jeanney, Pascal; Lemaire, Joel; Magne, Lionel; Mestdagh, Hélène; Pasquiers, Stéphane; Louarn, Essyllt.
J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 31:1579−1586 (2020)  
Gas Analysis by Electron Ionization Combined with Chemical Ionization in a Compact FTICR Mass Spectrometer.
Heninger, Michel; Mestdagh, Hélène; Louarn, Essyllt; Mauclaire, Gérard; Boissel, Pierre; Leprovost, Julien; Bauchard, Elsa; Thomas, Sebastien; Lemaire, Joel
Anal. Chem. 90:7517−7525 (2018)  
Oxygen Anion (O–) and Hydroxide Anion (HO–) Reactivity with a Series of old and new Refrigerants.
Le Vot, Clotilde; Lemaire, Joel; Pernot, Pascal: Heninger, Michel; Mestdagh, Hélène; Louarn, Essyllt
J. Mass Spectrom. 53:336–352 (2018)