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Service NanoIR

Contact : Alexandre Dazzi et Ariane Deniset

Location : Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay.

NanoIR service

The nanoIR service manages the LCP user facilities for nanoscale infrared spectroscopy and chemical imaging. The nanoIR technology available within the laboratory is based on the AFM-IR technique that is a combination of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and IR spectroscopy, and can be employed to create label-free chemical maps at the nanoscale.

AFM-IR enables IR spectroscopy with a spatial resolution well below conventional optical diffraction limits. It acquires IR absorption images of upto 100 µm by 100 µm size with spatial resolution down to 20 nm in less than 30 minutes. AFM-IR measures rapid photothermal expansion caused by pulsed IR light incident on the sample which is detected by an AFM acting as a mechanical sensor.

Our service uses 2 different, complementary nanoIR platforms (nanoIR and nanoIR2-s @Anasys Instruments) each with their specific advantages and limitations.

NanoIR1 platform

The nanoIR1 is designed with a bottom-up laser illumination (in total reflection). The major constraint is the necessity to deposit the sample on ZnSe prims or specific CaF2 windows.
Bottom-up (...)

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NanoIR2s-FS platform

Contact : Alexandre Dazzi et Ariane Deniset
Location : Synchrotron SOLEIL, ligne SMIS, St Aubin
nanoIR2s-FS platform
The nanoIR2s is designed with top-down laser illumination. This approach (...)

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