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Gibbs (english translation)

Gibbs, a molecular Monte-Carlo simulation code




The Gibbs code is aimed at computing the equilibrium properties of fluids
by molecular simulation, using a Monte Carlo method.

Its main features are the following :

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Gibbs has been produced through a collaboration of more than 20 years between Laboratoire de Chimie Physique and IFP Énergies Nouvelles

Gibbs benefited from numerous collaborations, and notably from a long-term collaboration with Le Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives


Since 2003, an agreement has been made with the Materials Design company, through which this company has integrated Gibbs in its Medea-Gibbs interface and resells it to industrial users.

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In 2004, Gibbs won the Second industrial fluid properties simulation challenge in the Best in Show category.


The main reference

Most scientific methods on which Gibbs is based are presented in this book :



The following articles and papers have used the Gibbs code :

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The following PhD theses have used, or contributed to, the Gibbs code :

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How to obtain Gibbs

Gibbs is not an open-source code, but can be distributed at no charge for an academic use. In this case an agreement must be made between the academic team and the owners. Please contact Bernard Rousseau or Jean-Marie Teuler.

In view of a non-academic use, Gibbs can be obtained from the Materials Design company, which has integrated Gibbs in its Medea-Gibbs interface.


How to cite Gibbs

Ungerer, P. ; Tavitian, B. ; Boutin, A. Applications of Molecular Simulation in the Oil and Gas Industry : Monte Carlo Methods, Editions Technip - IFP Publications, Paris, France, 2005.



Here are all the available documentations for Gibbs :

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